Is Trump the Second Coming? Reply

An anarchist fellow on social media has a pretty good assessment of the evangelical/pro-life Trump-worshipers.

“Pro-Life Republicans – stop crowing about that Barret woman. She is NEVER going to overturn Roe v. Wade. None of the GOP will EVER do that, because none of them actually care about Fetuses. They don’t care about most living breathing people and they definitely don’t care about possible people still in the womb. Abortion is infinitely more useful to them as a means to rally their base of hooting morons than as a win.

Like, don’t you ever wonder why every time you get the SCOTUS judges to do this they ALWAYS change their minds unexpectedly? “Well Gosh darn! They totally didn’t turn out to be the religious fanatic the president and senate thought they’d be! Guess we’d better vote for MORE Republicans and cross our finger NEXT time!”
The reason is You can always get some section of the population to vote for whatever monstrous person or thing you want because “we’ve got to save all those babies!”

No one who wants power would ever give up that cudgel. Especially not the GOP under Donald Trump who’s almost definitely r@ped a 13-year-old girl in his friend Jeffrey Epstein’s apartment and likely personally paid for more abortions than most people have had children.”

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