Freedom to All Beings

By Mark Petrakis

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A fairly long one, in response to some of the regular harangues and criticisms that I receive…
Have I ever said that you or anyone should vote for Trump? Have I? Of course, I haven’t. You just ASSUME, that because I am so critical of Biden, that I must be advocating for Trump. Why don’t I give equal time to criticizing Trump then, you say? The answer to that is simple; because all the media that so many of you watch has been doing that very job 24/7 – 365 days a year for four years straight! If the orange motherfucker raises an eyebrow, somebody will soon say it was Russian-controlled. You don’t need me to criticize Trump… which I could EASILY do… because that’s already packed into your head tighter than a fucking kielbasa.

I’m just trying to uncover the truth of what’s going on here for myself, so that I (and anyone who wants to follow along) can begin to let go of whatever cockamamie nonsense we have flying around in our head… so that we might BEGIN to see things as they ARE instead of as we WANT them to be.
Look, you’re going to vote or not vote for whoever you want to vote or not vote for. You can vote for a third-party person, if you like or you can just vote for local candidates and propositions… and in all of that, you are going to think it matters to the degree that you do, which I’m pretty sure is a LOT less than I think it matters. But hey, that’s just me.
What do you care anyway how other people vote – or think? At one time, allowing others the freedom and respect to vote in private as they wanted to was a sacrosanct democratic principle. Not anymore. Now we feel it is our duty to police our friends’ thoughts and opinions. How pathetic and crazy is THAT?
Trump is a complex and weird character, fully a showman but only a partial politician.. but because the news is dedicated to constantly reducing him to a threatening and stupid CARICATURE, what am I supposed to say about him except that he’s a complex and strangely compelling personality playing the role of president in ways largely no worse (and on some counts better) than any other weirdo spokes-president who has played the role before him.
The fact that so many folks have intentionally chosen NOT to believe that ol’ Joe has been on the take and for sale from the very beginning of his career, is all the proof (or poof!) that any sane person should need, that a ridiculous number of people are willing to accept dog shit for food. I am not, and I don’t think you should either. But you will… so fine… Iive long and prosper.
A lot of friends… especially it seems from the olden days, have come over time to see me, their old buddy Spoon, as an annoyance when I express ideas that go against their biases and their programmed hatred of this one person that four years of media propaganda has insisted they despise!
This makes it easy for the easily propagandized to blurt accusations that sound rather like you speaking your own mind, but are mostly you repeating those thoughts that have been planted in your head by those scientifically-gifted in the arts of social engineering and mind-control.
And the SAME is largely true of all Republicans and Trump supporters too, who are constantly repeating as well what they have been programmed to think and say.
All I’m suggesting is that one option would be to throw all that baggage off and think for yourself… and that starts by turning off the TV and pursuing evidence provided by genuinely independent sources that based on their integrity might earn your trust over time. There is also hopefully, some selection of your “blessed” friends. But any way you look at it, breaking out of the propaganda ghetto takes work and trust and a whole lot of self-examination.
Am I not correct in suggesting that those who take the most virulent Anti-Trump postures are in fact regular TV watchers of blue corn media channels like CNN or MSNBC? (Are there exceptions to that rule? I’d be interested to hear about that.)
Anyway, I know changing others people’s beliefs is pretty damn hopeless business – and I am not set out to do that … but this for better or for worse is MY truth and my experience of the world, and so I’m gonna put it out there – just like this… until they throw me off this dopey increasingly censored platform, which will eventually just leave those who never go against the grain squished together into their own echo chamber along with those who share their biases, which will get daily reaffirmed by the oligarchy’s little army of fact-checker fucks.
This will pave the way, so that when the droids of the BIO-SECURITY STATE arrives at your front door one day, perhaps you’ll remember your old buddy Spoon, who tried to tell you that it was never about red and blue politics, but that it was always about long-term and ONE WORLD totalitarian surveillance state control.
Hell, we put up with just such atrocious options for decades while our government (and our various “allies”) exercised brutal and violent domination (not to mention Libya-like destruction) over impoverished peoples in faraway countries.
As Americans, we just naively assumed that such brutality would NEVER show up on our doorstep… and it might NOT have, except that the TECHNOLOGY got so damn exponentially good and your smartphone got so effortlessly easy to track, that we all unwittingly gave them our CONSENT to do to us whatever they wanted to do, which they happily did.
And then as the tech kept getting
better, they got bolder and then finally back in March, they got together and said – “We’re ready! Let’s go! Let’s do this thing! Let’s shut them down, let’s crush all those little people! Let’s make all the performers go home; let’s make all the artists be quiet. Let’s put everybody (including the kids) in front of screens, so we can monitor them. Let’s destroy all the mom and pop businesses… and bigger ones too. Let’s destroy whatever is not strong enough, rich enough or well-connected enough to survive!”
And they did that and they’re still doing that… and it’s working like a fucking charm… and they’ll keep doing it by way of using every trick in their arsenal… including that old favorite.. your health, safety and security in the face of a deadly pandemic or deadly climate change or deadly aliens or deadly whatever! Damn, you know, how obvious can you get… taking your directives verbatim from the Nazi era.
But, it’s working! It’s undermining people’s sense of well-being and security. It’s making them so afraid that they’ll easily turn on each other at the same time they FIXATE on things that keep people divided… like race, politics, gender issues, vaccines and masks, etc. … until we feel that our very “IDENTITY” (whatever the fuck that actually might means) is under attack, and then we’ll give our support over to whomever stands up and promises RETRIBUTION on “those others.” That’s what we’ve been ultimately programmed to want… retribution against anyone who would dare to think or behave differently than you and those with whom you engage in solipsistic groupthink.
I know that’s not exactly how you see it… because all these steps were taken slowly and imperceptibly. That’s what it is though; it’s a very specific type of cognitive bias in favor of fascism.
You know fascism, right? It’s control by AUTHORITY. It’s the functional merger of corporations and the state to assume ever greater control over your lives, and the lives of your friends, family, co-workers and communities… and then to use abusive and lethal amounts of cognitive dissonance to get you to do just as they want, to think just as they want you to think and to let them do whatever they want to you – fully without your criticism and even without your knowledge.
And if you dare to resist… well, at some point, they will come for you or they’ll shut you down or turn off your bank account or deny you access to food, travel or human company, just as they are doing now in Australia, Ireland and the U.K. (I assume they will get to the U.S. last, as we still have a lot of guns, and those other countries do not. Other reasons, I’m open to hearing.)
The LOCKDOWN would never have happened back in March, if the mandarins of BIG EVERYTHING – working in sync with GlobalCap weren’t confident that they had things under control.
So it is, that every time I listen to my friends express their acceptance and support of these goofy-fuck politicians and the user-friendly status quo that they are each required to sell you, I know the new fascists are right. The BIG boys and girls are alas, almost always right, by virtue of their having ALL the money and all the media and the whole entertainment Industry, which means they can play their games however and whenever they want… for as long as they want.. and we’ll never know the difference UNLESS (and this is a very “BIG” UNLESS) we make that extra effort to stand our ground and to look deeper, to think sharper and far more independently and to see BEHIND THE “proverbial” CURTAIN and to observe there, caught in the glaring light of discovery, the mostly anonymous serpent-headed wizards of GLOBAL CAPITAL – the Klaus fucking Schwabs of this world!
But alas, most people will never do that. They will never see behind that curtain… because it has been made indelibly clear to them that they should not WANT to. And if there is anything sadder and more tragic than that state of willfully ignorant affairs… I don’t know what it is. This is the way that things are.
Freedom to all beings.

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