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Coleman Hughes – Race & Identity Politics

Whenever I examine the laundry list of ism-archy-phobia issues (racism, patriarchy, homophobia, etc.), I try to look at these from the perspective of what the social science/economic/political science data actually shows in a way that is devoid of ideological or moral value judgments. What Coleman Hughes talks about is fairly consistent with what the evidence indicates (at least concerning black issues, obviously every ethnic/cultural group(s) is different).  A problem with the left-wing analysis of these kinds of topics is that it’s often 50 years behind the times and ignores cultural, generational, demographic, economic, social class, technological, political, and legal changes that have happened over the last half-century, and often cherry-picks data in ways that ignore context. I don’t think Hughes’ analysis necessarily legitimates any ideological viewpoint. You could hold his views on race (at least concerning black issues) and be anywhere on the political spectrum.

A critique of Hughes.

An interview with David Pakman.

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