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Joe Biden supporter who was installing BLM sign arrested for allegedly shooting at passing Trump supporter and son

Of all the worthless crap to pick up a gun over…

By Justin Vallejo, Independent

A father and son in a pickup truck waving a Trump campaign flag were shot at after honking at a Joe Biden supporter installing a Black Lives Matter sign, police allege.

Douglas Kuhn, 50, is being held without bail for allegedly firing a shotgun at Neal Houk and son Bradly Lang in Maryland on Saturday afternoon.

The judge hearing the case before Baltimore County District Court on Monday was furious that the current political climate had come to this.

“How did it get to the point where he pulls out a shotgun? What has the world come to? This is beyond belief. Free speech. Why resort to weaponry. This could have been horrible,” said judge Philip Tirabassi, according to WBAL 11.

Mr Houk told the outlet he just was doing a neighbourly act to honk at the Biden supporter they saw putting up a Black Lives Matter sign outside his home on Cedar Lane in Kingsville, Baltimore County.

“It’s Kingsville, it’s a friendly area. Everyone honks at each other. We think we were hoping there could be some civility between people who support different candidates,” Mr Lang said.

“We were looking right down the barrel of a shotgun,” he continued. “He picked up a shotgun from near his feet and ran towards us aiming it and we got 100, 200 feet down the road, he began to fire. We were scared, although we were happy that he missed, the truck was missed and we were alright.”


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