Eyewitnesses Undermine Law Enforcement Narrative About Slain ANTIFA Activist 2

As one who wrote about the civil war in El Salvador, this sounds an awful lot like the extra-judicial death squad killings that would take place in that country.

D.C. Correspondent for The Nation, Ken Klippenstein, discusses new witness accounts in the September shooting death of Michael Reinoehl. Reinoehl, a suspected Antifa member, was shot and killed by police in Portland.


  1. Those bozos should have realized that EVERYTHING they do WITHOUT some sort of video/audio ends up turning to shit.

    (and I’m not implying that HAVING video/audio necessarily PREVENTS things from turning to shit, either!!!)

  2. Yeah this was pretty clear from day 1. The conflicting narratives that came out of this were a big red flag. He got the Fred Hampton treatment for sure.

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