“First cast out the beam out of thine own eye…” Reply

Most Americans ridicule persistent tribal and sectarian conflicts in Asia and the Global South. But American political conflict is just as retrograde and benighted as anything going on in the Middle East or sub-Saharan Africa. Americans have merely replaced religions with ideologies and tribes with “political interest groups.”
Protest and Riot break out around America after George Floyd"s death  [PHOTOS] | Vietnam Times
Deadly Xenophobic Durban Riots Spread to Other South African Cities
“For their adherents, ideologies serve the same function that religions provide for their believers. None of them may be “true,” as no one possesses complete knowledge. Instead, both religions and ideologies are collections of myths and archetypes that people use to give structure to their own psyche and form common bonds with others.” -Keith Preston, “Smash All Dogmas: Overcoming the Addiction to Ideology”
Middle East Riots Fueled by Competition Between Radicals, Moderates |  Sojourners
Inmates riot at Yemen prison | Yemen | Al Jazeera

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