American Decline

The Congealed Sludge of Human Ignorance

By Troy Southgate

If I had a penny for each time that I’ve been forced to roll up my trouser legs and wade through the congealed sludge of human ignorance, I’d have accumulated a small fortune by now. Yesterday I had the unfortunate pleasure to witness a clip of America’s so-called presidential ‘debate’ in a local cafe and anyone who believes that a candidate would really be permitted to get steamrollered by his alleged opponent in such a blatant and obvious fashion, even more so when you consider the deliberate non-intervention of the presiding host, must be pretty stupid.

Once again, we have the retarded legions of the triumphalist Right glorifying in the apparent weakness of the Left opposition and yet what people fail to understand is that both candidates have their roots in the same corrupt system and that in times of socio-economic catastrophe that very system – however ‘democratic’ it may wish to appear – requires a cardboard strongman to guide the country through what is being presented as a very difficult and testing period. In effect, the United States is a clandestine dictatorship that carefully selects the right face for the right time. There is nothing ‘right’ about either of them, be it Tweedledee or Tweedledum, but to lose sight of the fact that each individual is receiving millions of dollars for performing their respective roles on the creaking stage of a sleek theatre that has been constructed by the banks and corporations is to capitulate to the illusion.

Anyone who really thinks that an opportunistic parasite like Biden has been truly shaken by the experience of coming up against a man who was allowed to dominate and embarrass him in such a way, or that he isn’t being well-rewarded for playing the fall-guy that the Establishment needs to make Trump seem more authoritative and in control, must need their brain tested. How many words will you expend on this nonsense, I wonder, and how much longer will you be taken in by the glossy fantasy that is party politics? This isn’t real life, it’s merely a distraction for those who are too afraid to face up to the truth.

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