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Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Audio Reveals Conflicting Accounts of Fatal Raid

Would a civilian get away with it? If not, then there is one law for the peasants and one for the king’s knights.

By Will Wright, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and John Eligon

New York Times

Two very different accounts emerged on Friday from either side of an apartment door in Louisville, the one that police officers knocked off its hinges in March as they delivered a search warrant at the home of Breonna Taylor.

In newly-released audio from closed-door grand jury proceedings, there was conflicting testimony over what happened in the seconds before the police shot and killed Ms. Taylor, a Black emergency room technician whose death pulled people to the streets in protests across the country.

Ms. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, said in the new recordings that he was “scared to death” when he and Ms. Taylor heard pounding on the door in the middle of the night and got no response to their yelled queries of who was knocking.

The officers involved in the raid, though, insisted in interviews with investigators that they had loudly identified themselves as police before they burst through the door. It was only after one officer was shot, they said, that they opened fired at the couple, killing Ms. Taylor.


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