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Do Libertarians Have Any Idea What’s Going On?

I would actually agree with Pakman’s critique of the Koch-model of libertarianism and suggest that political decentralization must necessarily be accompanied by economic decentralization. But where this commentary goes wrong is with its failure to recognize the role of national governments in creating the transnational corporate and financial entities that he is criticizing. Social democrats like Pakman are folks who want to treat lung cancer with cigarettes. It’s the same way the Bircher-types will denounce the UN as a part of a plot for “one-world government” while being completely oblivious to the role of the US in creating and maintain the global order.

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  1. To be quite honest, even the Koch financed institutions can have some interesting things. I just know about Obama’s war record because of the CATO Daily Podcast. I have way more sympathies with ‘left rothbardianism’, mutualism and georgism than with mainstream libertarianism, but in the political climate, mainstream libertarianism is preferable to both parties… (Hell, even paleolibertarians, such as Rockwell, are better than the republican party, for example…)

    • “I just know about Obama’s war record because of the CATO Daily Podcast.” – I mean, I just learned this a decade or something ago because of them, I, and most people I knew, weren’t very politically inteligent…

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