American Decline

The Plastic Hypocrites of the American Left

By Troy Southgate

None of us should be surprised to see the plastic hypocrites of the American Left mourn the recent passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Whilst this female equivalent of Judge Roughneck is being celebrated for having implemented a series of laws designed to provide the misleading impression that we are living in the midst of an unprecedented social revolution, few of her admirers seem to care that this formidable old battle-axe was nonetheless enforcing the laws of the most brutal regime on the planet.

‘Equal rights’ is always a fascinating way to account for the excesses of global plutocracy. Incidentally, this is the same authoritarian edifice that is faithfully endorsed by fellow marionette Donald Trump. Perhaps, one of these days, those who have been (a)woke(n) by their political handlers on the road to a dystopian Damascus will get off their knees and realise that no amount of abortion-on-demand and same-sex marriage will lead to the kind of freedom and justice that the United States is so fundamentally opposed to. If the actions of these pathetic stool pigeons did not stand to affect some of the more decent people in that battered and beleaguered continent, we could take solace from the fact that they are rapidly tightening the noose around their own scrawny necks.

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