Will Megacorps dominate the Freed market/Rothbard-istan. Is Kevin Carson a third worldist? Reply

The Mindcrime liberty show discusses whether megacorps would dominate the freed market/Rothbardistan/ancapistan/private law society (or whatever parlance one wants to use). 

Is certain libertarian critiques of the megacorps, in particular, Kevin Carson illustrated in his book Organizational Theory, ultimately become the kind of almost third-world Maoist style critique of capitalism?  Would large corporations be able to form without intellectual property, a large labyrinth of legal regulations, and the backing of a large monopolistic state as both a creditor of last resort and buyer of its products? Aren’t progressives, (as well as Kevin Carson), ironically the biggest friend of the megacorps especially when it comes to culture?  Would a private law society/ancapistan be more “traditional” socially and family/small business centered?

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