American Decline

Fighting Anarcho-Capitalism’s Final Boss (Ft. NonCompete)

Athens can be an-cap and Sparta can be an-com. Not a problem at all.

In which Playwright, Journalist and Ringo-Nominated Comic Creator Brenton Lengel teams up with Emerican Johnson of NonCompete for an EPIC live debate against Dr. David D. Friedman (The son of economist Milton Friedman) and Philosopher Mike Huemer to discuss Left vs. Right Libertarianism.

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  1. The problem here is that the ‘Spartans’ want to outlaw “private ownership of the means of production” on everyone else. Meaning prohibition of bathtub gin stills in other nations, because of ‘equality’. Aka. Revenuers.

  2. Despite calling myself a ‘libertarian-anarchist’ for the last 25 years (after inventing the Assassination Politics idea, ) I have noticed that the large majority of people who call themselves ‘anarchists’ are actually just pro-big-government leftists, wanting to batter everyone they disagree with.

    And, they cannot explain how they will somehow ‘ban’ capitalism and the free market if they don’t have a large and powerful government to do that.

    Why don’t they realize the problem?

    • No big government, just a global police force to take all the power drills and personal computers away so private citizens can’t produce anything…

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