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Trump, the far right, and the return of vigilante repression

In an ideal situation, right-wing vigilantes would provide protection to residential neighborhoods, mom and pop shops, and the general public, while left-wing vigilantes burned down police stations and the lumpenproletariat looted Wal-Mart. But I’ve noticed that many situations tend to be less than ideal.

This article is an interesting “intellectual Antifa” perspective on the present state of affairs. I’m generally inclined to view “far-right vs. far-left” street battles the same way I might view a street fight between Moonies and Scientologists.

Armed Vigilantes Receive Warm Police Reception Amid Protests

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    • Tankieism seems to be making a big comeback, and a lot of younger anarchists do not seem to be as averse to it because they don’t know the historic relationship between anarchists and tankies as well as those of us who were anarchists in the Cold War era.

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