Does “free” state healthcare and education increase freedom with Keith Preston

The mindcrime liberty show is joined with guest Keith Preston to discuss the topic of whether free state healthcare and education increased the cause of freedom.   Two of the biggest areas where state power has grown is in the fields of education and healthcare  both of which have been center pieces of much of the left’s platform throughout the world.  Has the Labor/Social democratic program of “free” nationalized healthcare as well as programs like medicare and ACA (different societies have different names but they are fairly comparable) increased human freedom?  Has “free” and compulsory  government  education improved the cause of freedom as well?  Isn’t expecting the state to educate and take care of you a  dangerous and dodgy idea?

Was Michel Foucault right, channeling many moderate libertarians like Milton Friedman and Hayek, in that it has created situations of dependency and control? Has the “progressive” state programs crowded out mutual aid societies, private institutions, and the family as well as  other possible forms of alternative healthcare and education?  Has the progressive state served as a barrier to both better, cheaper, and more humane forms of education?  Is state healthcare and education really that enlightened and “progressive” after-all?

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