A Short Letter to a Misunderstanding Right 3

This is a pretty good summary of where postmodern critical theorists stand in relation to the rest of the Left.

By Helen Pluckrose

I find it very odd when people keep telling me that “the left” is doing something bad with regard to wokeness and applied postmodernism when so many of the people opposing identity politics, cancel culture, collective blame, language policing, deplatforming, and censorship by the Critical Social Justice faction are, in fact, on the left. Not only is there a significant pushback against the excesses of Critical Social Justice on the left, this has been the case throughout the entire history leading up to the emergence of Critical Social Justice today. Let’s have a look at some of this.



  1. For a moment, I might think: “I wish I could understand all this word-salad!”.

    Then I collect my senses, and say, “Naaaaaahhhhh !!!! They are all nuts!!!”

  2. “So, let’s have a deal. If conservatives can agree not to blame liberals or socialists… for Critical Social Justice, which has co-opted all of our movements and efforts against our will, we on the left can agree not to blame right-leaning libertarians and classical liberals for conspiracy theorists and religiously social conservatives…”

    She states that SJWs have “co-opted” all of the left’s movements (against their will), and then lumps “social conservatives” with “conspiracy theorists”, and offers to not blame “right-leaning libertarians“ and for them. A bonkers and a weak offer!

    = Don’t blame me for the entirety of higher education, peer review, and woke capitalism, and I won’t blame you for creationism and Alex Jones.

    How about trying a better negotiation strategy?

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