Rome: The Cradle of Western Imperialism

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By David Davis

Well, he probably didn’t “enslave” more than, I’d guess, about 25,000 to 35,000. I’d take guidance from Dr. Sean Gabb, of The Centre For Ancient Studies here, on this historical matter here. It would have been beyond the manpower resources of his deployed legions in Gaul and elsewhere to both enchain and maintain and feed more than that number, even over the lifetime of his Gaul campaigns.
But then, how about dethroning, execrating and canceling all Arab, African and South West Asian “bigmen”, which all through modern hominid history have enslaved, between them, possibly billions? How do we think the Pyramids, those enormous monuments to uselessness, death and self-regard, were built? And why are they venerated then? Why is not BLM demanding, and in fact already encompassing, their violent and explosive removal?

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