Trump and Netanyahu rail against anarchists. As an anarchist, that gives me hope

As the saying goes, you can judge a person by their enemies.

By Adi Callai


Trump says the rebellion against police and white supremacy is led by “professional anarchists.” Netanyahu parrots Trump like a ventriloquist’s dummy, saying protesters against him are “anarchists, not victims of the pandemic.” Biden tags along, saying “anarchists should be prosecuted.” What is it about anarchists that unites statesmen across cultures and ideologies?

The knee-jerk reaction of many a liberal is to redirect the accusation at the tyrant. No! says the Washington Post, “Trump is the real anarchist.” No! says editor-in-chief of Haaretz Aluf Benn, “Netanyahu is the real anarchist.” The people harangued by federal agents in Portland or brutalized by Israeli policemen in Jerusalem are mere protesters, they say—not anarchists. But, as the saying goes, even a blind goat is right twice a day. Both Trump and Netanyahu attempt to discredit the movement by using “anarchists” as a catchall negative, but to deny the presence of anarchists or the anarchic nature of the protests is misleading and false.



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