The Conservative Anarchist

By Dakota Hensley

Anarchist News

Can an anarchist be socially conservative? Yes. I see no reason why someone who is anti-abortion or has fundamentalist views on sex or drugs can’t be an anarchist. Anarchism is about building a society in which no one forces their beliefs on others. As long as you respect the views and lives of others, your personal views don’t matter.

Historically, there are a few examples of conservative anarchists. One such thinker was Dorothy Day, a Christian anarchist and anarcho-distributist who died in 1980 (about nine days before John Lennon, actually). She wrote extensively in her organization’s penny-a-copy newspaper, The Catholic Worker. Going through the hundreds of articles she wrote, one will begin to see a few topics that she wrote about often. She wrote about cooperatives communes (especially farming communes), about the need to care for the poor, and about her support for private property and collectives. She also wrote about how she thought pre-marital sex was wrong and that abortion and birth control amount to genocide.


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  1. “Anarchism is about building a society in which no one forces their beliefs on others. As long as you respect the views and lives of others, your personal views don’t matter.”

    Way too many people don’t seem to be able to understand this concept. I was a minarchist libertarian all my life, learned it in 1975, but was minarchist only because I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of that last little bit of government. I fixed that in 1995, writing , so after that I became an anarchist libertarian.

    I think WAY too many “anarchists” are simply big-government-loving Leftists who will one day realize (or admit) that what they REALLY want is a big government that is on “their side” and which they can used to attack their perceived political enemies.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. This the real Jim Bell? If not, good point regardless. Assassination Politics was one of my biggest inspirations and motivations into the crypto world. The Internet is our second realm, the cypherpunks started a digital revolution that governments can’t contain or control.

    • You asked, “This is the real Jim Bell?” Well, if you do a google search for ‘Jim Bell photo’, you get MANY photos, nearly all of which AREN’T me! But yes, I am the one who wrote ‘Assassination Politics’ starting late January 1995, initially putting it on Bill Frezza’s site ‘Digitaliberty’, until he got cold feet and somebody else transferred it to the Cypherpunks email list.

      It will probably be eventually considered my greatest invention. I invented the SSD (Solid State Disk; I called them “SemiDisks”, my company was SemiDisk Systems Inc.) in August 1980, I invented the idea of using a thermoelectric device to cool a microprocessor in 1978. In 1990 I invented a device that emitted 880 nanometer IR (infrared) at about 14.03 pulses per second to turn red traffic lights into green traffic lights. I called it “Optigreen”, a play on the name “Opticom” that the company 3M applied for the emergency traffic light system. (My motto for it was, “It’s the most fun you can have in a moving car!”

      And look at . I made an amazing discovery about isotopes while in prison in 2008-2009, which have led to a rather long series of scientific and engineering inventions that employ the concept of isotopic substitution in existing ordinary-isotope materials and devices.

      The first invention was a single-mode optical fiber that I predict will have an optical loss of about 0.001 decibels/kilometer, about 140x lower than Sumitomo Electric’s 2017 record of 0.1419 db/kilometer.,fiber%2C%200.1419%20dB%2Fkm.

      Imagine an optical fiber that transmits over the entire width of the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to Ireland, a distance of about 5000 kilometers, using NO optical amplifiers (EDFA’s) or repeaters.

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