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Light Upon Light Shape Shifters – Matthew Heimbach, a Former White Nationalist

Matthew Heimbach resembles a pro wrestler who makes his name as a heel character and then tries to become an even bigger name by switching to a face character. This sounds like the #WalkAway of the Alt-Right, lol. A former Nazi becomes a Commie and former SJWs become Trumpists. Pathetic.

Anyone who wants to be part of a genuine resistance movement needs to realize two things: 1) the Blue Tribe/Red Tribe partisan cultural civil war is a manufactured scam that is being puppet mastered from the top by the power elite  and should be rejected; 2) these gangster/cult groups on the far left/far right are a dead end and should be rejected as well.

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  1. It seems that if the pendulum switching is more of a rule than exception, than the goal would be to guide the turd down the toilet bowl, ever circling toward the drain, getting slightly more extreme each time it turns.

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