Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist Reply

From trailer park white nationalism to shilling for Goldman-Sachs (which represents the upper strata of the global ruling class) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (the FBI-connected televangelists of the “left”). Now THAT’S upward mobility.

As an ethnographer of fringe subcultures, I come across this kind of stuff all the time.

“I used to be a racist but now I’m a social justice warrior!”

“I used to be a commie but now I’m voting for Donald Trump!”

“I used to be a gay-hating Bible-pusher but then I came to know Christopher Hitchens as my lord and savior!”

“I used to be a heroin-addicted, BDSM freak but now I follow Jesus!”

“I used to be a jihadi but now I love America!”

None of this is helpful when it comes to building an actual alliance against the global techno-fascist power elite or whatever one wishes to call it.

I don’t begrudge anyone their personal experiences in terms of why they have “journeyed” from this or that thing to the other, and individuals and subcultures can certainly have whatever kind of “identity” or lifestyle preferences they wish. Distancing one’s self from self-destructive behavior and/or potentially dangerous cults and gangs is also a good idea.

But all of these freakazoid fringe groups seem almost rotational in nature as if they’re deliberately created to keep people focused on all kinds of personal, interpersonal, and inter-tribal drama as a distraction from what is actually going on at the top level and big picture wise.

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