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Who Invited the McCloskeys?

I always thought filing charges against these two was a tactically bad idea because it makes some bourgie asshole and his psycho-bitch wife into 2nd Amendment heroes.

By Declan Leary

The American Conservative

Overall, the first night of the Republican National Convention took a surprisingly serious tone. Senator Tim Scott (R-NC) delivered a fantastic keynote address. The president himself had a pretty solid night. Even Charlie Kirk, the young-blood death rattle of Boomer-brand conservatism, was surprisingly polished and tolerable.

But it wouldn’t be 2020 if there weren’t a few stellar flashes of absurdity. Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife doing her best impression of Winston Churchill as a Miss America contestant is a serious candidate for the evening’s most ridiculous moment. But Monday’s crown jewel has to be the recorded address of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, two personal injury lawyers who rose to national prominence for waving guns at protestors outside their home in St. Louis earlier this summer.


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