American Decline

The Continuing American Soap Opera

By Troy Southgate

One thing people always seem to overlook with regard to the continuing soap opera taking place in America, something I am doing my utmost to ignore, is that the rest of the world is being irrevocably dragged into the same orbit. As I explained in my 2012 contribution to Volume One of Le Salon: Journal du Cercle de la Rose Noire, ‘Anti-Tradition in the Age of Iron’, the origins of those forces ranged against Tradition “can be located as far back as the ancient world. Not in the sense that the decline of Tradition can be traced back to a common point on an historical (or pre-historical) timeline, of course, because the process of degeneration has taken place within different civilisations and at different periods.

The actual rate of decline also differs from civilisation to civilisation and, in some instances – the United States being a case in point – the fabric of a civilisation can begin to unravel almost immediately.” [p.12] Note my emphasis on the apparent isolationism and singularity of civilisational decline. One thinks of Oswald Spengler’s (1880-1936) contention that civilisations are cyclical and rise and fall like separate biological organisms. The crucial point being that the civilisations of the past have always travelled at a different rate to one another, something which is evident in their respective dating systems. For Julius Evola (1989-1974), on the other hand, this fact is observed in the way a more ‘youthful’ civilisation such as America lacks the apparent stamina and longevity of its far older European counterpart.

The fact that Europe is now moving along at the same rate as this young pretender, however, not to mention being shackled to the same internationalist economy and ruled by the same masters, means that our futures have become inextricably bound. When the events taking place on the other side of the Atlantic begin to dominate the European media, therefore, the social consequences affect us all. Rather than represent a positive groundswell of public outrage at those ‘Western’ governments that do not represent our interests, as if they ever did, it merely puts everyone on the same universal footing and thus helps to facilitate the wider aims and objectives of globalisation.

Imagine a concert with several different stages, with the musicians all performing at the same time and with a single promoter running the entire show. Spengler’s ‘organism’, which was intended to describe the manner in which the tribes and clans of a ‘primitive culture’ – as well as their beliefs and customs – become absorbed into a single historical tendency, has grown to such an extent that it has taken over the planet like an unstoppable virus. This is why the only way to reverse this process is to step outside of the mainstream and refuse to become embroiled in the snares of internationalism. Choose your own path in your own particular fashion and, more importantly, at your own speed.

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