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A Campaign Theme for the President

Bill Lind makes the predictable paleocon case for tsarism in the era of rising Bolshevism. Compulsory flag-worship vs. compulsory wokeness.

By William S. Lind

Traditional Right

Thus far in the 2020 Presidential campaign, neither President Trump nor Mr. Biden has found a campaign theme that resonates with the public. I don’t know that any single theme would be sufficient to address that lack. But for President Trump, I think there is one theme with widespread appeal that could make a difference: what is at stake in November is your right to think, say, and write what you want to. If the Democrats win and you are not a cultural Marxist, you may lose your freedom of thought and expression.

The evidence for this is rich and getting richer, thanks to the cultural Marxists’s premature celebration of victory. On campuses across the country, professors and students find themselves facing expulsion, firing, harassment, and sometimes physical violence if they challenge any of the cultural Marxists’ ideological claptrap. They may even be sentenced to “re-education” in the form of “sensitivity training,” which is psychological conditioning to mouth cultural Marxism’s lies. One does not have to be an historian to see the parallels with what happened in Marxist states like the Soviet Union.


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