Noam Chomsky Says Trump is WORSE Than Hitler

The dumbass title of this video and Chomsky’s severe TDS notwithstanding, 95% of this interview is quite good, as it usually is with Noam. To debunk the “Trump=Hitler” hysteria, all you have to do is ask people, “If Trump and Hitler were the two major party candidates, who would you vote for?” The answer is obvious.  Chomsky would certainly pick Trump over Hitler. All this shit is just a mind game that most of these hysterics don’t really believe in their “heart of hearts.”

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  1. Exploding the Trump Hitler memes
    1) Hitler enacted a program of euthanizing the mentally ill.
    a. Democrats support euthanasia.
    2) Hitler Burned the Reichstag down.
    a. Democrats are burning US cities
    3) Hitler created the political police.
    a. Antifa and Occupy are democrat enforcers
    4) Hitler created the Wansee conference to determine race and ethnicity by birth.
    a. Democrats are focused on racial and ethnic “justice”.
    5) Hitler killed his political enemies within the country.
    a. Democrats leveraged the tools of government to persecute the Tea Party and Trump supporters.
    6) Hitler fabricated stories to demonize military leadership not to his liking and oust them.
    a. Democrats fired and set up several generals who dared oppose Obama.
    7) Hitler set up the Hitler Youth program to indoctrinate the children
    a. Democrats use the UNIONS to indoctrinate our youth.
    8) Hitler seized personal firearms, disbanding gun clubs and disarming political “undesirables”.
    a. Democrats have been scheming to take your guns for decades.
    9) Hitler authorized “Chrystalnacht” whereby Germany seized the property of Jews to redistribute to non-Jews.
    a. Democrats have been try to redistribute America’s wealth for decades.

  2. Noam is so pout of touch with reality it truly mind bending….
    Just look at Jay Matters’ comment As it there is the huge capacity of liberal though untapped. Living in his bubble of cult followers he has no idea. But Noam doens’t like liberals either so …

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