Fourth Generation Warfare

Violent clashes erupt between far-right groups and racial justice protesters in Portland and other cities

By Katie Shepherd and Holly Bailey

Washington Post

PORTLAND, Ore. — Far-right extremists and continued clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and police this weekend renewed tensions in Portland, Minneapolis and other cities, pushing the country into its 80th day of consecutive demonstrations in some places.

A group with ties to far-right organizations that have long targeted Portland gathered downtown Saturday afternoon to wave American flags and push back against Black Lives Matter protests challenging police brutality. The event ended with two gunshots.

Protests in other cities also erupted into violence Saturday, as police grappled with small groups hijacking otherwise peaceful events, including far-right activists armed with pepper spray and wooden flagpoles.

One clash ended in fistfights after Proud Boys marched in Kalamazoo, Mich. Police intervened as the Proud Boys retreated into a parking garage, about seven minutes after a large brawl broke out between members of the far-right group and their opponents. Officers arrested some counterprotesters who had come out to oppose the right-wing group.


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  1. I have long wanted to know the definition of the term, “far-right group”.

    How do we KNOW that these clashes involve a “far-right group” ?
    I propose that the secret, working-definition of “far-right group” is:

    “Any conservative group that bothers to get off the sofa, leave the house, and protest or march”.

    In other words, it is simply not possible for a “near-right” group to get out and protest, or probably even a “centrist-group” either. Merely by leaving their own doors, they magically become “far right”.

    These days, “the right” has simply disappeared from the lexicon of the biased MSM.

    • I agree that these terms are often used very imprecisely or inaccurately, or in ways that have no meaning at all. “Far-right” can mean everything from Nazis to sovereign citizens to throne-and altar-monarchists to Trump voters. “Far left” has the same problem. Are Bernie Sanders and Pol Pot both “far-left”?

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