The Great Facade

By Anarchy

While the majority of the public walks around without any political compass and their, mostly unconsciously, humiliating existence as obedient consumers strolls through the shopping malls and ponders which product would increase their social status, the centers of power steer our lives according to their interests. The destructive influence of their neoliberal restructuring, which they have exerted through their mainstream media, schools and universities since the 1980s, could not be more catastrophic; A large number of people behave contrary to their nature – which has been sufficiently shown by numerous scientific studies and experiments – and then claim that this, i.e. their greed and their competitive thinking, is not the result of decade-long capitalist influence, but their nature. The ridiculous, neo-liberal and destructive belief in the need for “competition”, the “free” market, etc. could not be more widespread.
For more than a generation the ruling elites of the West have been busy staging the end of democracy – as we believe we know it – to destroy societies and solidarity, to enforce intellectual impoverishment by promoting fascination for trivialities and to turn the majority of people into “market idiots” ( Ullrich Mies). According to various critical social scientists, most people were induced through propaganda and manipulation of opinion to accept the following, devastating processes, without even refelecting:
1. the revaluation of values
2. one’s own depoliticization
3. the installation of a group state
4. the looting (privatization) of public goods
5. the division of societies into rich and poor
6. the deterioration in employment relationships disguised as flexibilization
7. the militarization of the states with new armament rounds and the “moderation of nuclear weapons”.
8. unrestrained agitation and warmongering against Russia and China.
9. the ruin of the ecosystem for profit
10. increasing surveillance through power systems
“Large parts of the public are disoriented towards the chaotic political and economic developments because they do not know how to avoid the constant fire of western propaganda or because the neoliberal “truths” have already become second nature to them – as the proagandists intended. The emancipation from the ruling madness can only take place through the conscious act of evading the influence of the media polluters and mega-manipulators.” (Ullrich Mies)
If we want to avoid continuing to be puppets of the great manipulators, we do not have to throw ourselves at every bait of debate, but rather readjust the conditions under which we debate and reflect; trying to understand the points the other trys to make and sharpen our intellect by reading critical and non-fictional literature about the world we live in.
Regardless of the destructive energies, the question arises as to whether the majority of people are still able to realistically grasp the existing conditions in the context of the digitization of all areas of life. Because it is scientifically proven that the excessive, pathological use of digital devices makes us mentally dull and people are becoming increasingly empathetic. “In this context, one form of collective dumbing down and dulling should be pointed out: the penetrating watch phenomenon at accident sites.” (Ullrich Mies) As far as the mental deformation is concerned, large parts of the public are likely to have been dulled to such an extent that any attempt that trys to bring them closer to reality seems pointless. The list of destructions as a result of digitization is very long and ranges from concentration disorders to nearsightedness to restricted motor skills. All thanks to the propaganda by Western elites, which is high time to overthrow.

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