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Belarus – A U.S. Sponsored Color Revolution Is Underway

I’m sure most ATS readers are sophisticated enough to understand that legitimate popular rebellions against authoritarian regimes can take place, only to be turned into so-called “color-coded revolutions” hijacked by the imperial overlords and bent toward the overlords’ own purposes. This has happened in countries all over the world and now, in 2020, in the USA itself.

Moon of Alabama

U.S engineered attempts to overthrow a foreign government by stirring civil arrests are usually named after a color or, at times, a flower. Thus we had an “rose revolution” in Georgia, a “green movement” in Iran and an “orange revolution” in the Ukraine.

But now the CIA and its assortment of supporting organizations seems to have run out of color choices. How else can one explain that their latest attempt in Belarus is called a “slipper revolution”.

No, the Guardian, which published the ‘Slipper  revolution’ headline today but later changed it, did not come up with that stupid moniker by itself.

The U.S. State Department funded TV station was the first to mention slippers in a picture caption on May 31.


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