Economics/Class Relations

General Strike!

My general view of liberal and left welfarist proposals is pretty much the same as my view of conventional conservative and libertarian “tax cut” proposals. Medicare for All is not something I am going to go to the barricades for (whether in support or opposition) but I wouldn’t consider it to be any more state-centric than the current state-capitalist/corporatist healthcare system. I generally view public assistance or proposals like the UBI to be a form of reparations which is the same way I view tax reductions. I suppose I would openly favor what most Americans implicitly favor anyway, which would be an increase in social assistance payments and a decrease in taxes. Fiscal conservatives will respond by saying, “But the government will go broke and collapse!” Uh, yeah, that’s the end game. And a mass strike against modern plantations and sweatshops like WalMart, McDonald’s, and Amazon sounds wonderful.

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