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Ben Shapiro: Pelosi & Biden Are Controlled By The Far Left

I suppose Pelosi and Biden might seem to be “far-left” to a Likudnik with Randian economic views like Shapiro, but the reality is that the “far-left” has virtually no influence in US politics. The Democrats are far-right (imperialist) on foreign policy, although they prefer a thicker gloss of liberal internationalism than the neocons’ unilateral militarism. The Democrats are center-right neo-liberals on economics (and on the further right end of neoliberalism, often way to the right of the neoliberal parties in most democratic countries). The Democrats are largely centrist on social issues, and their embrace of “diversity” is merely about meeting the needs of a sophisticated, technocratic state in a technologically-driven, globalized economy. The Democrats embrace diversity for the same reasons Singapore embraces multiculturalism or that Saddam Hussein was a feminist by Middle Eastern standards.

I don’t particularly care for Kyle’s milquetoast social democracy (“the present system but with more free stuff”) but I appreciate his rejection of “culture war” extremism.

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