Voluntary Servitude

By Anarchy Man

Centuries of voluntary submission to imposed authority have undoubtedly brought to light certain characteristics that most people today take as natural. But various folks, who were unknown to each other, in which there were no hierarchies, contradict this thesis. Many historians and natural scientists forgotten today (J.R. Green for England, Augustin Thierry, Michelet, Luchaire for France, Kaufmann, Jannsen, W.Arnold, Nitzsch for Germany, Leo and Botta for Italy, or Byeleff, Kostomarov, Khudadoff for Russia) found found out that, between the 11th and 15th centuries, even within Europe there were various bigger towns and villages in which there was no voluntary submission, in which no universal ruling authority could determine everything. In fact, a federation of village communities, which was crisscrossed by a network of guilds and fraternities, came into existence in the medieval towns. You won´t hear this in TV Shows of course.
The tremendous progress made under this new forms of associations is clearly shown. Various sources between the 11th and 15th centuries – village ordinances, city constitutions, guild rules, traditional journals, etc. – clearly report what life looked like among people and, unlike the state chronists or social-darwinists, show that everyday life was not entirely characterized by misery, obedience and conflicts. But, with the rising organized religions, majesties and monarchies, this towns and villages were taken over by force. These rulers could have never taken over these villages and towns, if they had not convinced thousands of people, to bow before their authority and to follow their orders. Organized christianity has done their part ever since it became the Roman state religion, to successfully plant submissive tendencies into peoples heads. Being a servant or soldier under someone else´s rule was considered a virtue, and is still beins done so today in the oh so advanced and free “liberal democracies”, which are actually autocracies, of the West.
Today, we have the British army creating a special force of Facebook “warriors”, skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare in the information age. The 77th Brigade, to be based in Hermitage, near Newbury, in Berkshire, will be about 1,500-strong and formed of units drawn from across the army. It will formally come into being in April. We have the German, partly privatized, Bundeswehr, which even produces ridiculous web miniseries and hang bizarre propaganda posters at the Games Com, with which young people are to be lured into the service of the capitalist state. None of this would be possible if it weren’t for this unshakable, century-long belief that there must be rulers and rulers, that obedience to authorities is a virtue, that armies, national staates and police are necessary. This fundamentally sick belief is still present, although history and anthropology have shown numerous cases that clearly prove that none of all this is true.
Today we live in a neo-liberal, transatlantic capitalist dictatorship in which multinational financial corporations such as BlackRock and Vanguard, as well as the World Bank, IMF and Wall Street exercise immense power over the whole world, not least thanks to their, mainly western governments and armies. Millions of officials, soldiers, police officers who willingly sell themselves to an imposed authority and assert their interests. What would happen if all these people in the ministries, armies, offices, units etc. suddenly stopped to obey a capitalist sovereignty and started to build another world? It would be a revolution almost without bloodshed. Unfortunately, thanks to technology, television, media, etc., the vast majority are already so dulled and dumbfounded that it is hardly possible to let them recognize their voluntary servitude, which only results from their uneducated folly. The dogmas with which they were influenced from an early age on, still make them believe that voluntary servitude is a virtue.

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