Police State/Civil Liberties

Another Peasant Murdered by the King’s Knights

By Eric July

This is Ryan Whitaker. He was shot and killed by the police May 21st in Arizona, and you’ve probably heard nothing about it until you read this post. I just recently found out about it as I was notified by a follower that wanted my thoughts on it.

A neighbor called the police about a noise complaint. The neighbor was just answering the questions of the dispatcher fast because he was annoyed and wanted it dealt with. In the 911 call he says “It could be physical. I could say yeah if that makes anybody hurry in up. Get anybody here faster.” So he was willing to make it sound like there was domestic violence taking place, but there wasn’t. He simply wanted the noise to stop because he needed to get to work in the morning.
However, it turns out that Ryan and his lady were just making salsa and playing Crash Bandicoot. The cops show up and knock on the door. They announce themselves, but it’s obvious that they couldn’t hear that from inside. 2 officers place themselves on the left and right side of the door, so more than likely he couldn’t see them if he looked through peephole. Reasonably (as I would to) he opens the door with handgun in his right hand. It is the middle of the night.
One of the officers yelled “HANDS” and as Ryan is getting on his knees, officer Jeff Cooke shoots him…. twice in the back. In a May press conference, the police stated that Ryan was going towards an officer with a gun. When talking to Ryan’s girlfriend on the scene, Cooke said “he pulled a gun on us, ma’am.”
The bodycam footage was finally released after almost 2 months and it was even worse than what I could ever describe. He was a man that was murdered by the police, plain and simple.
As of the day of this post, there have been no arrests.
This institution, as I’ve stated a decade in multiple ways, needs to be rid of. Their monopoly is an issue and problems will continue to raise. Unfortunately, people deviate from from that issue by discussing everything else, aside from the actually problem: the State
These types of incidents happen more often than you think, you simply aren’t told to be mad about it as you are certain other situations involving other types of people. Now ask yourself. Why on earth is this story not being covered by every single mainstream publication?

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