Police Say Instigator Of Minneapolis Violence Was White Supremacist Reply

This story could be true, but either way, this guy could be the Marinus van der Lubbe of 2020. In the future, look for anyone who opposes the system to be attacked as a “white supremacist,” “far-right,” etc, including ultra-leftists, anarchists, communists, Greens, minorities, antiwar activists, etc.

The dominant factions of the power elite want to purge the Trumpists on the right end and co-opt the protest movement on the left end, without having to make any real concessions, and eventually purging any genuinely radical elements. Look how they circled the wagon to prevent Sanders from getting the Democratic nomination. Look how they have vilified Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard as Russian assets. Look how Seattle suppressed CHAZ as soon as it became a liability.  They tolerate the protests for now because those at the top want to co-opt them, those directly underneath them want to ride the wave of popular revolt to power, and as a trap for Trump to fall into.

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