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Federal Agents ‘Beaten Back’ Into Portland Courthouse by 2,000 Protesters, Including Parent Groups

By Tom Sykes

Yahoo News!

An estimated crowd of 2,000 people participating in the protests in Portland, Oregon, “tore open the doors of a federal courthouse and then beat back the agents inside” in the early hours of Tuesday morning, a journalist on the scene reported on Twitter. Bellingcat writer Robert Evans posted multiple videos online that appeared to show federal agents shooting what are assumed to be non-lethal projectiles at protesters, including a parents group, Wall of Moms, out of “murder holes” in a wooden structure built around the courthouse to protect it. The new clashes represent a further escalation in the conflict between protesters and federal agents sent into the city by the Trump administration. Trump praised federal law enforcement agents on Monday, saying they were doing a “fantastic job” in Portland and said he planned to replicate the response in other major U.S. cities led by Democratic mayors and escalate the crisis.


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  1. One of the things which makes me very suspicous of all these movements is the fact that many of their “solutions” if you start to question them in the long run are more or less to call in the “feds” or centralize authority. We discussed this on the mindcrime liberty show and I often times in various places have tried to get an answer to what defund the police means but it often means just go higher up in the food chain (what happened in camden..county cops do it) or just dole out all the dirty jobs to the county, state, and funnily enough federal government. In this sense the federal government is doing the dirty job which the states or cities won’t do. Now you could choose not to do this but on some level society will change significantly if that continues. The Cheran place does have a police force btw and many progressives don’t like local police forces because they claim they are full of corrupt racists. Most progressives, including the progressive republicans, love the federal government. The federal government is what prosecuted the cvil war in the US. After all Lincoln’s justification for Fort sumpter was it was fedearl property. The federal government is the thing that enforces “rogue” states when they interfere with various civil rights issues or gay rights issues. The federal government is what does Obamcare/ACA. I am extremely suspicous of all these protests and think absoltely nothing of signifigance will come from them for better or worse. A toothless federal government can’t enforce things like ACA, civil rights, the Sherman Act, or the emancipation proclamation without the authroity behind it. If things get bad enough it could include unmakred rental vans.

  2. This statement is in part very misleading:

    “Trump praised federal law enforcement agents on Monday, saying they were doing a “fantastic job” in Portland and said he planned to replicate the response in other major U.S. cities…
    … led by Democratic mayors…
    …and escalate the crisis.”

    I don’t doubt that Trump said ‘they were doing a fantastic job’.
    but the “led by Democratic mayors” is misleading. By and large, it is those ‘Democratic mayors’ who have been allowing thesde incidents to spiral.

    Apparently the protestors/rioters have forgotten that while there have indeed been various incidents to justify unrest, by and large they have been committed by the agents (police) of liberal or left-wing Democrat governments. Not, generally, by the agents of government where there HASN’T BEEN rioting.

    For instance, George Floyd in Minneapolis. And worse, there does not seem to have been any outrageous event in Portland, Oregon, and even not by the government’s agents (police) themselves. So, why are the rioters battling the Feds in Portland? It’s because the Portland Government tolerated 50 days of near-rioting (and full-rioting).

    The last few words are outrageous: “and escalate the crisis”. It is quite clear that “the crisis” has been “escalating” just fine over a period of 50 days WITHOUT Federal assistance. To blame the Feds, at this late date, for the “escalation” is borderline-insane.

    Note: Don’t accuse me of “defending the Feds”. I have had more motivation to hate the Feds than 99.99% of the population. For details, see the Wikipedia article “Jim Bell”.

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