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As States Reopen, the Boss Wants to Know What You’re Up To This Weekend

When the therapeutic state, medical martial law, and oligarchic capitalism converge.

By Chip Cutter and Thomas Gryta

Wall Street Journal

Companies have a new question for employees: Any plans this weekend?

As U.S. states reopen, sending residents back to work as well as social life, employers are urging workers to be cautious when they are off duty, and at least one local official has begun advising employers to ask staffers about activities in their off hours. Some companies are concerned that the many safeguards put in place at work to limit the spread of the coronavirus—from policies requiring masks on the job to separated desks—could be undone if workers are taking risks off the job.

Yet employers have to tread carefully, legal authorities say, making sure to exert influence without violating employee privacy.


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