Yes, The Lincoln Project Is Embarrassing, Should We Care?

The Lincoln Project is merely a means through which the neocons and their closest allies, warmed-over Bush Republicans, are colonizing the Democratic Party, the same way a commie cult might try to colonize an antiwar or environmental group. A Biden administration will be a ruling class unity regime that seeks to purge the Trumpists, co-opt the cultural left, and build on the latest wave of state repression sponsored by the Trump administration.

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  1. It IS embarrassing, because how could any Republican accept Biden over Trump? Makes no sense at all.
    Republicans might have wanted to have a BETTER Republican than Trump in 2016. They may still want a BETTER Republican than Trump in 2020.
    But Biden isn’t a “better Republican” than Trump.
    I’m voting for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Presidential Candidate.
    Will Trump and Biden let her into the debates? Somehow, I don’t think so!!!

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