Yes, The Lincoln Project Is Embarrassing, Should We Care? 1

The Lincoln Project is merely a means through which the neocons and their closest allies, warmed-over Bush Republicans, are colonizing the Democratic Party, the same way a commie cult might try to colonize an antiwar or environmental group. A Biden administration will be a ruling class unity regime that seeks to purge the Trumpists, co-opt the cultural left, and build on the latest wave of state repression sponsored by the Trump administration.

One comment

  1. It IS embarrassing, because how could any Republican accept Biden over Trump? Makes no sense at all.
    Republicans might have wanted to have a BETTER Republican than Trump in 2016. They may still want a BETTER Republican than Trump in 2020.
    But Biden isn’t a “better Republican” than Trump.
    I’m voting for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Presidential Candidate.
    Will Trump and Biden let her into the debates? Somehow, I don’t think so!!!

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