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How Capitalism Drives Cancel Culture

Wokeness, “cancel culture,” political correctness, etc. is merely the loyalty oaths, satanic panic, or the “just say no” of the present era. Has any of this do-gooder stuff helped even one person pay rent, resulted in the release of a single prisoner, or prevented even one bomb from falling?

“Those with power inside institutions love splashy progressive gestures—solemn, monochrome social-media posts deploring racism; appointing their first woman to the board; firing low-level employees who attract online fury—because they help preserve their power. Those at the top—who are disproportionately white, male, wealthy, and highly educated—are not being asked to give up anything themselves.”

In other words, the whole thing is just a scam and a corporate marketing gimmick designed to appeal to professional class latte liberals and woke suburban soccer moms.

By Helen Lewis

The Atlantic

Tumbrels are rattling through the streets of the internet. Over the past few years, online-led social movements have deposed gropers, exposed bullies—and, sometimes, ruined the lives of the innocent. Commentators warn of “mob justice,” while activists exult in their newfound power to change the world.

Both groups are right, and wrong. Because the best way to see the firings, outings, and online denunciations grouped together as “cancel culture” is not through a social lens, but an economic one.


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