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2 slain police officers ‘never had a chance’ in Texas shooting, chief says

It would be tactically advantageous for leaders and organizations within the protest movement to openly memorialize cops who experience “line of duty” deaths in situations like this. Whether such sentiments would be sincere or not is beside the point. Psywar is crucial in the advancement of fourth-generation warfare struggles.

By Joel Shannon

USA Today

Two police officers who were responding to a disturbance call were killed Saturday in a South Texas town after a suspect met the officers at the door and shot them, police say. The shooting happened so quickly that “our officers did not draw their weapons, did not fire, never stood a chance – never had a chance,” McAllen, Texas, Police Chief Victor Rodriguez said in a statement to the media. The police department learned about the fatal shooting when other officers stopped by the scene to do a routine check, Rodriguez said. The officers were responding to reports of a violent disturbance, Rodriguez said. “They were doing their job. That is what we are supposed to do.” The officers approached the door of the residence after meeting people outside the house who reported that a disturbance or assaults were occurring inside, Rodriguez said.


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