Indiana woman shot dead after saying ‘all lives matter’: family 4

When things like this happen, opinion leaders among BLM need to immediately denounce such incidents and characterize responsible parties as rogue elements that are unrepresentative of the movement. At least that would be the smart way to do it. Incidents like this will escalate fourth-generation warfare among tribes.

By Theresa Braine

New York Daily News

A young mother was fatally shot earlier this month in Indiana and may have been targeted for saying “all lives matter,” the 24-year-old’s family said Sunday. Jessica Doty Whitaker and three friends were hanging out along the Indianapolis Canal Walk at about 3 a.m. on July 5, WXIN-TV reported. They argued with another group after one of the people Whitaker was with used a racial slur, her bereaved fiancé, Jose Ramirez, told WXIN. A racially charged confrontation ensued with the other group, during which the suspect’s group shouted, “Black Lives Matter,” and someone in Whitaker’s group — possibly her — said, “all lives matter,” Ramirez said. Guns were whipped out, and both sides, seeing that all were armed, backed off, he said. “It was squashed, and they went up the hill and left, we thought, but they were sitting on St. Clair waiting for us to come under the bridge, and that’s when she got shot,” Ramirez told WXIN.



  1. I have tried several time’s with reference to the Federal Protective Service in the post, and it doesn’t show up…..

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