‘Republicans are really fed up’: GOP increasingly splits with Trump as his polls drag Reply

The best hope for the future of freedom worldwide is the fracturing of the global capitalist empire in which the USA ruling class is a senior into a smorgasbord of regional powers and micronations. The best hope for the future of freedom in the USA is for the Red Tribe and Blue Tribe to both experience fracturing to the point where they collectively cannot function.

Courtney Subramanian and Christal Hayes

USA Today

WASHINGTON – Weeks before President Donald Trump accepts his party’s nomination, cracks are deepening within the party as a host of GOP lawmakers distance themselves from the Republican standard bearer as they weigh their election chances in November. Republicans have increasingly split with Trump on a host of issues shadowing his administration, from his tone on racism and the removal of Confederate statues, to wearing a face mask amid the coronavirus pandemic and questions over intelligence reports of a Russia-backed bounty program on U.S. troops in Afghanistan.


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