Joe Rogan Experience #1494 – Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein is far, far more centrist than I am, but this interview is worth watching. His characterization of the critical theory left as “neo-Maoist” and how the anarchist left has been overrun by them is spot on. What we need is a “Maoism-free” anarchist movement that also manages to avoid the “libertarian to alt-right pipeline” from the other end of the spectrum or co-optation by centrist establishmentarianism.

0:02 Bret predictions 5:19 Defunding & police brutality solutions 11:56 The origins of the problem 18:06 The protests & the outcome 23:58 hashtag shutdown STEM 38:48 The Enlightenment & social science 41:40 Protesters bullying students 45:56 The motivation of protesters 52:27 Comparison to POW in the Korean war 54:48 Dave Chapelle 56:26 A coalition of ideas 1:00:01 George Floyds murder & the trial 1:15:15 Police brutality & authority 1:18:35 Hording opportunity & slavery 1:28:17 Jobs & solutions 1:36:17 The darkhorse duo presidential plan 1:42:00 Voting, Joe Biden & Trump 1:52:50 Covid origins, transmission & UV light 2:06:46 Sarah Cooper & mocking Trump 2:10:00 Covid talk 2:17:31 Lockdown, masks & solutions 2:21:40 Hunting, mammals & covid 2:39:57 Genes, longevity & issues with lab mice 3:02:13 Fixing the problems with lab rats 3:06:10 Praising the JRE

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  1. My fav part of this episode was the co-vid is a bio-weapon talk coming from a normie like Bret. I have a hunch Lyme, the Spanish flu, maybe even AIDs and Ebola could all be lab grown.

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