Joe Rogan Experience #1494 – Bret Weinstein 1

Bret Weinstein is far, far more centrist than I am, but this interview is worth watching. His characterization of the critical theory left as “neo-Maoist” and how the anarchist left has been overrun by them is spot on. What we need is a “Maoism-free” anarchist movement that also manages to avoid the “libertarian to alt-right pipeline” from the other end of the spectrum or co-optation by centrist establishmentarianism.


Joe Rogan Wanted Bernie, Now He Prefers Biden Lose Reply

Kulinski correctly points out that Sanders’ is as popular as he is not because of his supposed “hard left” fans, but because of his appeal to independents, swing voters even disaffected Trumpians. Populism and radical centrism are to the left of neoliberalism. Predictably, I’ve heard some from the SJW/Antifa crowd denounce Joe Rogan as a “fascist.”