Father Of Black Teen Killed In CHOP: It’s Time To Bring In The National Guard 1

Because there is never any violent crime and no one ever gets killed in territory controlled by the state. It’s interesting how articles like this advance the premise that an autonomous zone should somehow be a paradisical oasis overnight.

By Emily Zanotti

The Daily Wire

As Covid-19 cases took off in New York in March, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo imposed a lockdown of nonessential businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus, calling it “the most drastic action we can take.”

Now researchers say more targeted approaches — in New York and elsewhere — might have protected public health with less economic pain.



One comment

  1. I saw this video with Sean Hannity, he is pandering and used this as a photo op for veiled Republican Talking Points.
    Where was the Father when his son was going radical in a Paris Commune Hell Hole. He takes NO responsibility for NO supervision of his son, and the ensuing tragedy. He is in denial….

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