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“Why’d they have to end her life?”: Friends of Hannah Fizer look for answers, justice

This woman was shot by a cop who lied and claimed she had a gun when she didn’t. It’s also important to note that this was a white woman in a rural midwestern town. The police state is the enemy of everyone.

By Emily Walton

Friends, acquaintances and concerned citizens gathered outside of the Pettis County Sheriff’s Office in downtown Sedalia Tuesday evening to protest the death of a Sedalia woman who was shot and killed by a deputy Saturday evening.

According to her obituary, Fizer was born in Sedalia and graduated from Marshall High School in 2014 where she was an active FFA member. She worked at various convenience stores in Sedalia and enjoyed walking, car rides, Chinese food, her family, tattoos, shoes, swimming and hanging out with friends.

“She was 140 pounds,” said attendee Tracie Karigan who knew Fizer. “She wasn’t doing anything, she was going to work. Why’d they have to end her life? They don’t have that right, they’re not God.”


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