When Bakunin Met Stirner

A core argument that I have previously advanced at ATS start with the view that Bakunin was correct that while anarchist revolution is a trans-class activity, the lumpenproletariat is potentially the most revolutionary class, i.e. the vanguard class, and that the urban lumpenproletariat, being the sector that is most in direct conflict with the state, is the vanguard sector of the vanguard class.

June 1 coverage of nationwide unrest and ongoing protests

Another core argument that I have made is that Stirner was correct that egoism is the natural outlook of the revolutionary class. Both of these viewpoints seem to have been vindicated by recent events. The vanguard sector of the vanguard class staged an insurrection in hundreds of cities of the mother country of the Empire.

Video shows looters ransacking Minneapolis Target - The Washington ...

The insurrectionists were not driven by class solidarity or by a desire to be “on the right side of history,” but by purely egoist needs and wants (from food and clothes to iPhones and video games), and thereby merely appropriated ruling class resources. The insurrectionists did not burn down police precincts in fealty to the dialectic but because their cousin or friend was killed by pigs. Egoist personal revenge, and not ideology, was the motivating factor. Magnificent!

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