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The killer priests of the Spanish Civil War

The history of the Catholic Church in Spain was similar to the racial history of the United States, i.e. a lengthy of oppression. During the 1936 revolution, leftists used this history as a license to go on an anti-Catholic rampage. Meanwhile, Catholics had their own “Alt-Right” and many, many, many “Charlottesville writ large” situations resulted. Not a good path to follow.


From 1936 through 1939, the Nationalist rebels warred against the government of the Second Republic of Spain. During the war, Francisco Franco ascended above other Nationalist generals and was recognized by Nationalist Spain — and fascist Germany and Italy — as the undisputed Generalissimo of Spain. In March 1939, the Republic of Spain surrendered to the Nationalists, ushering in Francisco Franco’s fascist dictatorial regime.

By no means was the Spanish Civil War a fight of gentlemen — if war can ever be pure and honorable. Quite the opposite, the Spanish Civil War was filled with atrocities on both the Republican and Nationalist sides, rivaling the horrors of World War II. Both sides used torture, humiliation, and execution during the war, and the Franco Regime continued to execute dissidents well after the war was over; many mass graves are just now being uncovered.


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