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Will CHAZ Be Waco’d?

They will be if the state decides they are an actual threat. For the CHAZ idea to develop into an actual revolutionary situation, it would have to spread very rapidly and come to dominate significant bodies of geographical territory in North America, with significant numbers of sympathetic allies elsewhere. If the state felt genuinely threatened, they would likely respond with the massive activation of police and National Guard at every level, followed by the use of the actual military, the erection of blockades as a starve out tactic, and attacking revolutionary enclaves with phosphorous bombs and chemical weapons.  If mass defections from the police and military took place, the System would replace them with troops procured from other nations or with mercenaries gathered from around the world.

Image may contain: text that says 'Mack @_Kenziepuff If right wingers set up an autonomous zone they would've been Waco'd in less than 24 hours.'

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  1. This is why concentration always worries me. Revolutionaries who stake out territory or protest in crowds are making themselves targets for weapons of mass destruction. What’s necessary to end the state is for the job of being a cop to become too hazardous for anyone to choose it. The revolutionaries would have to make that happen.

  2. Anarchy is a failure of imagination.


    The cold hard fact is that many do not wish to lead anyone, not even themselves; nor can they. They NEED TO BE LED. But leadership is not mere domination through force. Not by THEM. Not by YOU. True leadership is provided by those that make the best decisions. If one simply emulates a leader, then one will most likely succeed in their efforts. Choose very carefully who you would follow. The rest more or less takes care if itself.

    If you want to be maximally free, you must take maximum responsibility for yourself. If you have energy and resources left over, then take some responsibility for someone that is lacking in the moment, such as a child, or a senior, or someone injured. If you do these things – create value and trade it fairly, or give it away to the worthy, then much of the apparatus of the STATE becomes superfluous. You need not confront police, or burn anything down, or waste your time marching around with a sign. Just get the work done. Stand up for universal principles such as the rejection of Cardinal Sins. Mind nature. Mind your brothers and sisters. Mind your manners.

    If and only if you have achieved genuine membership in the extended family of humanity as a net contributor, not as a parasite, THEN you can get your torches ready for those that still oppose you in righteousness.

    You shall never have the right to steal or confiscate the honest effort of another, and then take credit when you hand it out as a “hero”. Robin Hood is a sham replacement for the Tax Man. Take care of yourself so you may live to see another day. Take of others when you can. If you don’t have it, you can’t give it. So make yourself worth more through legitimate effort.

    Never steal. Just serve. Only then, do you deserve.

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