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Hundreds of Thousands Sign Petitions Urging the U.S. Government to Declare KKK a Terrorist Group

And the right-wing wants to declare Antifa a terrorist group. Fortunately, under actual US law, only foreign organizations can be declared terrorist groups. Otherwise, Black Lives Matter or the National Rifle Association could also be declared terrorist groups. The KKK is about as relevant to contemporary politics as the IWW (i.e. not at all).

Ewan Palmer


Hundreds of thousands of people are demanding that the Ku Klux Klan be listed as a terrorist organization, with several online petitions rapidly gaining support.

A number of petitions have gone viral this week demanding the white supremacist hate group be classified as terrorists, prompting them to be included among the top trends on Twitter.

One such petition calling for the KKK to be declared a terrorist organization reached 100,000 signatures before it closed.


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