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As The Nation Chants Her Name, Breonna Taylor’s Family Grieves A Life ‘Robbed’

When a pig kills a black person, most (though not all) other blacks take it as a personal threat/affront that is a representation of institutionalized oppression, and correctly so. Even many white liberals and leftists, who view themselves as black allies, take such a position. But when a pig kills a white person like Daniel Shaver or Duncan Lemp, most white people are either indifferent, view it as a case of a bad apple cop gone rogue, or figure the victim must have deserved it. And such incidents are harder for minorities to relate to, even if they disapprove on an abstract level,  because they view it as something that happened outside their own community or reference groups (the same way an American of any color views the killing of an Iraqi by the forces of US imperialism).

That’s what needs to change. The killing of a Daniel Shaver or Duncan Lemp should inspire just as many protests by persons of all colors as the killing of a George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. That’s when the pigs will really be in deep shit.

By Ari Shaprio


Before she was a hashtag or a headline, before protesters around the country chanted her name, Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old woman who played cards with her aunts and fell asleep watching movies with friends.

That changed on March 13, when police officers executing a no-knock warrant in the middle of the night killed her in her apartment in Louisville, Ky.

Now, as protesters around the country have taken up her name in their call for racial justice and an end to police violence, Taylor’s friends and family remember the woman they knew and loved: someone who cared for others and loved singing, playing games, cooking and checking up on friends.

Before the early-morning raid in March, Taylor was a first responder who loved to sneak in a nap before her next shift. She would have turned 27 on Friday.


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