“Reflections on the Revolution in 2020 America”

I am sometimes asked how I, as a radical-anarchist-extremist, can have a parallel interest in conservative or right-wing thought. But I simply utilize “conservative thought” as a supplemental means of correcting the limitations of “radical thought.” Here is an illustration:

A correspondent offers what is essentially a Burkean conservative critique of the insurrection. We should remember that revolutions typically produce nothing more than new tyrants. See Robespierre, Napoleon, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Kim, Pol Pot, Saddam, Khomeini, etc. The exception is when an alternative infrastructure is already in place that is able to both depose the former system and while safeguarding against the erection of a new tyranny.

The Committees of Correspondence of the American Revolution, the anarchist labor federation of the Spanish Civil War, Hezbollah of southern Lebanon, the Zapatista movement in southern Mexico, and the People’s Protective Units of the Kurdish territory are examples of such alternative infrastructure. None of these infrastructures were or are perfect, but they were, have been, or at least could have been effective safeguards against the excesses that accompany power vacuums. As no such alternative infrastructure is now in place, we are not prepared for revolution. Says my correspondent:

This is craziness. The BLM are successors of the Black Panthers and their tactics are nothing short of terrorism.

Terrorism is the act of using violence to achieve political ends: that’s what these looters are doing and that’s what BLM, Antifa and anarcho-communists are all about.

Such savagery has absolutely no place in a civilized society. The fate of the nation hangs in the balance: will America stay a democracy where people have rights or will it descend into barbarism? Will we still go to court to settle legal disputes or will we be facing a ferocious people’s tribunal instead?

These vampires must be purged with garlic, crucifixes and they must be impaled with a stake to the heart. It is time for real Americans to rise up in defense of the Republic: the military must quell the insurrection forthwith.

The looting has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech and must be seen what it is: a seditious act of terrorism that calls for a sacrifice of countless lives in the name of a far-left ideal. It is totalitarian, anti-American and repugnant to the European values underpinning the foundation of a Western Civilization.

What is going on now is an insurrection and one that the System genuinely deserves, but it is not a revolutionary situation because the survival of the state is not threatened, as evidenced by the fact that the ruling class is generally moving to co-opt the insurrection rather suppress it. The far-left in the US is very small and has nothing remotely approaching the ability to seize political power, which is a good thing because they would simply create a tyranny of their own as we have seen many times before. The same is true of the far-right.

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