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Mexican man dies after he was ‘beaten and tortured by police for not wearing a face mask’

In the US, this would put the Left is the difficult position of having to either side with the cops or with the anti-lockdowners.

By Adry Torres

Daily Mail

  • Video posted on social media this week showed Giovanni López being beaten by police officers in Jalisco, Mexico, on May 4 

  • He was detained because he was not wearing a face mask and ignored COVID-19 preventive measures set by the city of Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos
  • The 30-year-old is appears in the video being placed in a choke hold a cop before three agents placed him in a  police pickup truck and taken to a precinct
  • His family went to pick him up May 5 at 10am but were told he had been taken to a local hospital
  • At 10am, López was declared dead due to a brain injury but his aunt discovered he had been shot near the ankle area and his body showed signs of torture
  • His brother, Christian López, said he was offered $9,000 by mayor Eduardo Cervantes not to post the video, an accusation which Cervantes denied
  • The Jalisco State Prosecutor is handling the investigation. The cops are still employed by the police force 
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  1. Well the answer for the centrist and nanny-left would be predictable but I’m rather surprised how many self-styled anti-authoritarian leftists hav3 gone along with the virus hysteria submitting to the authority of public health Officials. The obvious answer is that it has to do with opposition to Trump which seems to be the main predicator of how people view the pandemic in the US from what I’ve seen. It is odd though, considering that Trump has defended the lockdowns and has been at best inconsistent on loosening restrictions.

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